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GlobalX Custom Bumper Plates

Bumper Plates by GlobalX Sport Technology

Established in 2014, GlobalX Sport Technology, a subsidiary of UESAKA, was formed to bring the finest factory direct entry level custom bumper plates and other performance equipment to our customers.

As a separate brand, GlobalX Bumper Plates are designed and developed by our manufacturers in collaboration with Uesaka staff to bring the same high quality craftsmanship customers have come to expect from the WORLD LEADER IN CUSTOM BUMPERS



  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Fully customizable

Custom Design Features

  • Available in Kilos or Pound Sizes
  • (2) style of plates to select from
  • Silkscreen or custom molded lettering
  • One or Two Letter Color Design Patterns
  • Computer layout designs of your plates
  • Discount and FREE Customization (contact us for details)
  • Laser engraving available for small quantity order (available on Gold Series only)

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Gold Series

GlobalX Custom Gold Series


Two Part Steel Construction

The Gold Series centers are made of a two part steel construction.

GlobalX Custom Gold Series


Choice of Silk Screen or Molded Lettering

You have your choice of Custom Silk Screening or Custom Molded Lettering.

GlobalX Custom Gold Series


High Performance and Durability

These new high performance bumper plates are designed for long use in sports performance facilities.

Silver Series

GlobalX Custom Silver Series


Custom Molded Lettering

The Silver Series is an affordable option in custom bumper plates using a custom molded rubber lettering technique.

GlobalX Custom Silver Series


Affordable Custom Plates

Make your brand stand out and make a statement in your facility.

GlobalX Custom Silver Series


Rim Grip for easy handling

Rim around the edge for easy gripping and loading of the plate.

Bronze Series

GlobalX Custom Bronze Series


Custom Silk Screen Lettering

The Bronze Series is an affordable option in custom bumper plates using a custom silk screening technique.

GlobalX Custom Bronze Series


Black Rubber

All custom bumper plates come in black and are made of a natural/synthetic rubber blend.

GlobalX Custom Bronze Series


Steel Centers

Precisely machined center hole for snug fit and raised rim for easy grip.


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